the beginning

Alyssa and I met January 4th 2008, but it doesn't feel as long ago as it does when you see it on paper. I had just transfered to the Cheesecake in Cucamonga and I knew zero people. I know now that there was an instantaneous connection, as I made a point to try and remember her name specifically. I even made sure that she knew I remembered it all that week. I looked forward to shifts when I knew she would also be working. Even on nights when I switched (with her) to get out early, I still hung around and helped her with her side-work through the end of the shift. As anyone who's worked in a restaurant, more specifically Cheesecake, knows it takes a special something to keep you hanging around once you're off the clock...


Alyssa was, and is that special something. She has had a positive impact on everyone she comes in contact with, myself being no exception. I am a better human from just being around her. From the beginning she was incredibly funny, honest and we just "got" each other, as cliché as that sounds. And from the hours we spent talking in our cars after work, the overnight drive we did all around Santa Monica and LA, to our first "date" at Panda Express (#orangechicken), I will always cherish the early times and remember how lucky I am to have stumbled upon such an amazing person and to have somehow convinced her to hang around for a lifetime.

“Love at first sight” isn’t the way I would describe our first encounter, mainly because I think it’s mega cheesy to say that, but when I first saw and spoke to David it felt significant, even then. He was charming, funny, and cool in a not-trying kind of way and that all was more so impressive since it was his first day transferring to the Cheesecake Factory I worked in. We met while emptying dirty plates (really romantic stuff) and I introduced myself, asked where he came from, and made a comment about how he’ll probably forget my name but I won’t forget his. Every time we saw each other that week he said my name with hard vowels and an “I-told-you-so” tone. One of the things I love about David is that he adapts well and makes friends with everything and everyone so it didn't take long until he was a part of the Rancho Cheesecake gang. We all worked long, hard, and stressful shifts and congregated at TGIF where we shared our ridiculous guest stories. That time in my life, that work hard then hangout routine, was one of the greatest times in my life. I met lifelong friends, I learned how to work my ass off, and, without going on any dates, I got to know the greatest person I’ve ever known. He had me in stitches every time we were around each other, he worked hard and cared about the details, and even though he had endless knowledge on every subject he was always willing to learn more. I hardcore, truly, and fully fell in love with David before we even started dating and I’m grateful for every choice he’s ever made that led him to that transfer.

through the Years
The Wedding

NOV 11th, 2016


Guest Arrival

@ 3:00pm



800 E 4th Pl, Los Angeles


Complimentary valet is available but if you're local we encourage using Lyft or Uber


Tables RESERVED AT arts district brewery


828 Traction Ave,

Los Angeles, CA






party people
the Registry

A + D

210 California Ave, #1

Santa Monica, CA 90403